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Christmas Inspiration!

2008-12-25 19:04:41 by rezic

"Welly well well, Bert what do we have 'ere?"
"This 'ere look like a blimey Christmas miracle says oi!"
"Well why don't we let the poor chap write 'is news and explain the jolly 'ol bit, aye?"
"Right you are, Will. 'Ere you are mate, knock ya self out. That bein' a figure o' speech o' course and all that, eh wot?"

Thanks fellas. Well seems as if with Christmas done and over with, I have stumbled upon a simple treasure that will up my Audio and Flash submissions a bit. I was given and RCA DVR for Christmas, in which I'm able to record my voice, as well as my guitar playing. All that coupled with the right software I'll be able to up some quailty of my stuff.

Even better news, With my more frequent visits here, I beleive I just may break out NGopoly out of the vault of my unfinished projects. But I'm not likely to revive the thread until it's finished. So anyone still interested I'll pm and let me know.

Well it's rather short, but it's too the point. So I'll let you live on the rest of your merry lives!
Merry Christmas and God Bless!

Possible Return?

2008-10-11 14:54:56 by rezic

Well, I've been visiting NG again... mostly outta boredom. But I am working on like.... three different flash projects, one of which is nearly complete...just needs audio. The other two I'm just starting and I'm praying I have the patience to finish them.

Newgrounds Monopoly has not been forgotten, I am awaiting a PM from Tom to see if he'd be willing to publish it and put it in the store. I don't want to do this if it doesn't make any kind of difference, but If I could find a good programmer, it could make a good flash game. Still... I'd like a solid board too...

Well, I don't know if anyone has viewed my page, but drop me a comment and let me know what you think of my stuff and such.

Have a party,


Hey everyone!

Well, I might as well just explain whats up with why I've been gone... I've had quite a bit going on, and I really want to apologize to NGopoly fans. Preparing for college, breakup, studying etc.

Quite frankly, as soon as I finish this project, I'm going to more or less be leaving NG, I'll only come maybe once a week to see the status of the greatest artists, Castle Crashers, and NGopoly (to see if it's actually getting somewhere and whatnot.) That's about it. My next NGopoly post will have EVERYTHING, I may even link to one of my old sites, to show you all the visuals and whatnot.

*Sigh* Well, I guess that's it, God bless, and have a party everyone!

New page layout and BBS sig

2008-02-18 23:19:09 by rezic

you like?

New page layout and BBS sig

Newgrounds Monopoly is under way!!!

2008-01-27 18:47:36 by rezic

To all those who are invloved, I've made an agenda/list of things to do involving NGopoly. All the things that are officially complete consist of the following:

All the pieces
Alien Hominid
Madness Hank
Stawberry Clock
A stick figure
Dad (of Dad's Home)
Houses: Daily Feature
Hotels: Weekly Users Choice

All the Community Chest Cards
Life insurance Matures Collect $100: You won Review Crew Pick of the Week
Go to Jail: Banned from the BBS!
Collect $50 from every player: Aquired a Diety Whistle!
Income Tax Refund Collect $20: Started an Epic Thread on the Forums
Pay Hospital $100: Bought 2 Hardcore packs of Newgrounds Stickers
From sale of stock you get $45: Tom Fulp Reviewed one of your submissions
Pay School Tax of $150: Went on a Newgrounds Shopping Spree
Street Repars, $40 for house, $115 per hotel: Respond to User Page comments
Receive For Services $25: Flagged a malicious submission
You inherit $100: Tom Fulp Favorited one of your Submissions!
Pay Dr.s fee of $50: Posted a spam thread on the forums
Advance to Go: Deposit your Experience
Get out of Jail Free: Your 1337 skillz get you outta jail!
2nd place Beauty contest win $10: Increased your Batting Average
Christmas Fund Matures collect $100: You won Voter of the Month
Bank Error collect $200: Level up!

All but 2 of the Chance Cards
Pay Poor Tax of $15: BEDN stoled your cadny!
Pay each player $50: You just got PWNED!
Advance token to nearest railroad owned=double payment: Advance token to nearest transport
Bank pays you dividend of $50: You got front page!
Get out of Jail Free: Your 1337 skillz gets you out of jail!
Go back 3 spaces: You won Turd of the Week
Go directly to Jail: Banned from the BBS!
Your Building and Loan Matures Collect $150: Your flash has been sponsered!
Advance token to nearest utility: Advance Token to nearest Portal
Advance to St. Charles Place: Take a trip to Russia!
For each house pay $25 each hotel $100: Respond to all your reviews
(2)Advance token to nearest railroad owned=double payment: Advance token to nearest transport
Advance to Reading Railroad: Head to space- Advance to Alien Hominid's Ship
Advance to Go: Deposit your Experience

As of properties, until I am sure that the thread pertaining to the NGopoly is in agreement, nothing is official.

Here are the only 2 Chances incomplete (on account of properties)
Advance to Illinois Ave:
Advance token to Boardwalk:

Have a party!!!

I know I haven't posted in the thread recently or anything... I've been insanely busy with school and a couple little flash projects I'm working on. I will post my board design hopefully soon... But I do need a little bit of help with the rest of the properties... PM me if your interested in helping ^^;


2008-01-21 00:01:34 by rezic

stupid garbage whistle... BLAST MY BAD JUDGEMENT!

Not much of a presentation for a wannabe mod eh?

Speaking of which... what's with these "so-and-so" for mod 2008 things? As far as I know you shouldn't ask to be a mod, so it's apparent that these guys aren't gonna be mods... but still it's annoying.

Have a party.

Always double check your file before you submit, now I have to resubmit >< if that helps any. If it doesn't then I've learned another lesson.

Have a party...

Blasted ADD

2007-12-16 23:02:51 by rezic

Wow... I'm currently looking in my flash projects folder, I've so many unfinished flash movies and games! I really should fine tune one and get one in... boost my BA a bit... well, hopfully... I hope to be getting something in soon >< Wish me luck, any ideas for a flash movie... sadly I think I may do a very cliche Sonic Vs. Mario... but uh... maybe not >< I'm short on new ideas so I'm going to go back and see if I can finish my old ones T_T. Well, Have a party.

Of Recovery and School

2007-09-21 18:47:05 by rezic

Ho-ly Crapbattle batman... I am really behind in what I wanted to submit into NG! T_T. I got my eye surgery and had to recover, without my eyes I obviously couldn't work on my flash, then as as soon as I had recovered enough, BAM my senior year of High School started... Fun fun.

I'm gonna try to pick up where I left off, hopefully the value of it doesn't decrease to much, those who like my "Lights of Fantasy" This next one is nothing like that, to hint people who are interested off, It's a colab of 2 different short clips, with a little easter egg or 2 hidden somewhere. Well, because of lost ground, I'm gonna go to the forums...

That's been my dull life, so yeah... have a party.

I wanna be a mod

2007-08-23 15:25:22 by rezic

There aren't any rules saying that I can't blog about this, so I'm gonna...

Yeah, I wanna be a mod in the bbs, granted... I need to stick around for a little while longer to see what kind posts are generally accepted, and what makes a good mod. Cuz I've seen some pretty annoying mods power tripping and locking threads just cuz they don't like 'em. All the same... It'd be kinda cool.

oh and random question for anyone who reads this... do BBS mods have power anywhere else? Thanks!