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Entry #15

Christmas Inspiration!

2008-12-25 19:04:41 by rezic

"Welly well well, Bert what do we have 'ere?"
"This 'ere look like a blimey Christmas miracle says oi!"
"Well why don't we let the poor chap write 'is news and explain the jolly 'ol bit, aye?"
"Right you are, Will. 'Ere you are mate, knock ya self out. That bein' a figure o' speech o' course and all that, eh wot?"

Thanks fellas. Well seems as if with Christmas done and over with, I have stumbled upon a simple treasure that will up my Audio and Flash submissions a bit. I was given and RCA DVR for Christmas, in which I'm able to record my voice, as well as my guitar playing. All that coupled with the right software I'll be able to up some quailty of my stuff.

Even better news, With my more frequent visits here, I beleive I just may break out NGopoly out of the vault of my unfinished projects. But I'm not likely to revive the thread until it's finished. So anyone still interested I'll pm and let me know.

Well it's rather short, but it's too the point. So I'll let you live on the rest of your merry lives!
Merry Christmas and God Bless!


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2010-08-23 15:46:57

Merry Christmas to ya!